5 amazing things you can do for preventing and Repair Dental Cavities

You got those bad dental cavities. Do you want to fight them off? You need to know various techniques that serve as allies, and they're certainly beyond the simple healthy habits of regular brushing and flossing.

It turns out there are various unexplored habits you can pick up to strengthen your daily routine to prevent and Repair Dental Cavities.

What are cavities?

That's the word no one prefers to hear at the dentist's office. You get a dental cavity when a tooth decays or breaks down. It appears like a black hole that grows bigger and deeper over time to destroy your oralhealth.

How do you get Tooth decays or cavities?

Blame the bacteria which deposits that black debris over the tooth. That's an adhesive, slimy substance. These bacteria in your mouth dispatch acids, and when plaque holds a grip to your teeth, the acids eat away the outermost layer of the tooth, called the enamel.

Here are five marvelous ways to help you prevent and repair dental cavities before they form and maintain a lifelong healthy mouth.

Know your cavity risk level

The first step to take control of your oral health is to know about your cavity risk level.

The best way to explore this is through a comprehensive Dental Check-up. That helps to understand which treatments may be needed, as well as what changes in oral hygiene and diet may help.

Rinse Salt Water

Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water not only helps get rid of the tonsils but also helps to get rid of cavities.

Do this each night before you sleep for better results.

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties help to treat cavities. What it does is draw out any infection and prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Get that saliva working for you

Believe it or not, saliva is your mouth's most powerful natural defense against decay. (1)

It has some of the active chemicals such as bicarbonate, calcium, and phosphate, which not only neutralize plaque acids but also help repair early tooth damage and decay.

So how do we get our saliva working for us?

One suitable way is to chew sugar-free gums, especially gum with a sweetening chemical called xylitol. Xylitol helps uplift more amount of saliva production, which kills cavity-causing bacteria. Various researches show that chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after eating or drinking should help reduce tooth decay by up to 40%.

More so, chewing gums can be a great way to freshen breath too.

Use Techniques such as Oil Pulling

Rinsing with oil is an old method that comes handy to cure several problems, including repairing and preventing tooth decay. Try coconut or mustard oil and rinse them for at least 5 minutes daily.

It is more effective if you do the gargling on an empty stomach. While the practice of oil pulling maybe about a thousand years old, it has helped improve oral health.

Regular visits to the dentist

Even with exceptional dental hygiene habits, it's not totally possible to remove all of the plaque buildups at home.

That is because this plaque clings firmly to your teeth, and becomes even hard to remove over time, no matter how improvement techniques you use with brushing and flossing habits.

And, plaque may have the reach to the deep areas, below your gums where your brush and floss won't reach.

Regular dental checkups and cleanings are crucial to maintaining good overall mouth health.

Even if you have overall excellent oral health, regular dentist visits can help to spot any probable tooth decay and other oral health issues early and prevent the need for more painful and expensive procedures.


We want our clients to know that we're a team of best dentists in Kanata, and we're always ready to help.

We understand that it can be hard to change and adopt new habits. However, it is a matter of pride to see that our clients are responding positively to this new approach.

We have seen a tremendous improvement in their oral health, and they see it every day. Do you want to be the next to see the change in you?

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