Get a routine dental check-up done

Get a routine dental check-up done. Why it's important for your teeth

A routine dental check-up is extremely important in order to keep your gums healthy and all of your teeth intact for the longest span of your life. It is advised to schedule a dental visit every six months that includes a complete oral examination and oral cleaning or prophylaxis.

Benefits of a Dental Checkup

Prevent Plaque, Tartar, Cavities and Tooth Ache

Irrespective of how big of an eager beaver you may be, daily brushing and flossing do not clean the small areas in your mouth. A building plaque is not easy to detect by looking in the mirror. Once the plaque begins to build up, it eventually turns into tartar which is next to impossible to get rid of without the help of a professional dentist.

A regular dental teeth cleaning prevents plaque and tartar to develop in the first place but also inhibits further serious issues like teeth erosion i.e., the formation of black holes in the teeth. More often than not, individuals overlook minor toothaches. However, this trifling sensation of pain in the tooth is indeed the onset of the formation of tooth cavities. After fair long negligence, the toothache spikes which results in the complete decaying of the tooth.

Though, REMEMBER, all of this can be avoided by booking an appointment with Kanata Highlands Dental Care service. A regular cleaning appointment is more feasible and time-effective than the surgical procedures needed post oral destruction.

Keep Gum Diseases Away

Plaque and Tartar spread like a plague in the mouth targeting not only your teeth but also your gums. Once the tartar starts spreading in the gums, the tissues start disintegrating resulting in gums pulling away from the teeth. This infection of the gums is called gingivitis.

By this time, the gums have begun to swell, bleed and/or sore your entire mouth. As the progression of the gum decay continues, the bone beneath gets infected that holds the teeth in place, eventually resulting in falling off of the teeth.

1 appointment in 6 months can not only save you the next 10 follow-up appointments but is likely to save the blow to your wallet. This is because depending on your severity of the gum disease, the treatment can include root canal, frequent than usual cleaning, surgery, and medications.

Detection of Oral Cancer

There is something called ORAL CANCER as well which when ORAL DISEASE goes out of hand, develops into a kind of cancer of the mouth. Just like any other kind of cancer, oral cancer also spreads and can manifest itself in various ways. When oral hygiene is unknowingly compromised, the progression accelerates quickly and can become life-threatening. However, if this cancer is detected at an early stage, it is completely treatable and often easily, but because the signs of early-onset are asymptomatic by the individual (and NOT the specialist), it takes longer than usual and often gets serious.

A VELscope (FDA-approved) Cancer exam is non-invasive, pain-free and the shortest of all diagnoses covered by OHIP in some cases. This particular diagnosis at Kanata Highlands Dental Care captures any signs of dead tissues (or precancerous cells) caused by developing tumours by shining a specialized blue light inside the mouth. Precaution is for sure, better than the cure!

Systematic Health Issues due to Oral Diseases

When it comes to an oral check-up of your mouth, gums, and tongue, the dentist also has an eye for any abnormalities below your jawline in the lymph nodes indicating any swelling or lumps; furthermore, in your jaw, neck, tonsils, mouth palate, uvula as well as the thyroid glands. If any aberrancy is found in any corner of your mouth, the dentist can terminate it from becoming a major health issue by directing you to the right medical specialist if needed. The importance of regular dental visits is not just limited to the teeth and the gums. Regular dental checkups drastically boost the examination of your neck and thyroid glands.

DID YOU KNOW, oral bleeding/infection is easily swallowed and can cause blood infection?

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