How a Teen's Smile Affects Their Confidence

During our teenage years, there are various changes going on with the bodies. Who doesn’t like celebrity-like smiles? Like it is seen in the movies or magazines where everything is perfect, especially those beautiful white smiles. During the growing years, many children develop crooked or misaligned teeth or even have gaps in their teeth. This can impact their overall personality and can lower their self-confidence.

Self-esteem is not only vital for how kids see themselves, but also what they perceive about their personality. It is very well known that people with high self-esteem are commonly more confident and happier, whereas, on the contrary, low self-esteem may result in feeling depressed and even can seriously affect an individual’s mental health and cause eating problems.

Clear Aligners Teen & confidence

In a recently conducted Teen Confidence survey, it is found that teens who wear clear aligners were almost 80% less likely to be teased than those who wear traditional metal braces. That is a pretty significant statistic and one that should not be ignored.

Kanata Highlands Dental has good news for you: Clear Aligners for teens is an alternative orthodontic treatment that comes with a lot of benefits. Unlike traditional braces, Clear Aligners braces for teens is a removable invisible aligner that gives kids the freedom to eat anything they like and they never have to hide their beautiful smiles again. 

With Clear Aligners Teen, we will give your child a smile they would be proud to show off in no time! At Kanata Highlands Dental Clinic, we provide compassionate and quality dental care for our patients. Dr. Maneet Ahlawat and her talented team always work hard to help you get and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. From regular oral hygiene care to cosmetic dentistry in Kanata, we offer the best-in-class services.

If your kid is lacking self-confidence due to misaligned or a this may be a good time to sit with him/her and confirm whether he/she is having a negative perception of their image. And, if it is the smile that they are concerned about then the great news is, it may be fixed!

Come in and talk to our hygienist and Oral Surgeons at Kanata Dental about your options for letting your teen achieve the smile they desperately want. If you are worried about the investment, just freely ask about payment plans. In most cases, getting the treatment done without any delay may make a large impact on your teen’s self-image.

If you have any kind of dental issue, Dr. Maneet Ahlawat wants you to get all the information required to decide on Cosmetic Dentistry. The purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your smile and teeth. It usually includes the procedure such as crowns, veneers, implants, braces, tooth whitening, and many more.

If you have questions after reading this blog, just call us for a dental appointment to discuss your concerns with Dr. Maneet Ahlawat in person.

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