How to Adjust to Aligners in your Everyday Life

Clear Aligners, also known as clear aligners help align your teeth to their original position. It’s a perfect substitute for traditional braces. Similar to what braces do, clear aligners also make use of a tool that controls tooth movement, but without those metal braces.

Clear Aligners treatment Kanata

All orthodontic devices apply steady pressure and give an easy movement to your teeth. This pressure stretches and compresses the ligaments around the teeth. As a result, some discomfort is to be expected during the treatment. You can experience slight soreness during the first few days of the treatment. Usually, any kind of discomfort is gone within the first week of the treatment itself.


  • You can eat all your favorite foods without any worry.
  • Stay active in all the activities and sports you love.
  • Keep brushing and flossing just as you regularly do, without the wires or brackets to get in the way.
  • Your Clear Aligners clear aligners are not visible, so you can always put that smile on in public too.

Clear Aligners tips

Initially, it might not take more than 24 hours for you to get adjusted to Clear Aligners. As you succeed through Clear Aligners treatment, you may need to change your trays periodically. This is necessary to be done every three weeks and under the guidance of your dentist.

Whenever you choose to upgrade to a new set of aligners, some discomfort is obvious. To reduce the tenderness risk, you may try switching your trays out just before bedtime. Because most of the discomfort occurs during the first few hours of using them.

Moreover, be sure to store your trays properly when you are not using them. Place them in a hard and protective case that would keep them away from extreme heat. This would even prevent them from warping and also make your aligners more comfort-friendly to wear.

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