Why Aligners and You are a Perfect Match!

Wear and tear of teeth lead to distort or skew the alignment of the teeth. This may begin with one tooth and you may not worry, but eventually, as one tooth begins to lose its alignment and inclines on the neighbouring teeth, other teeth start to adjust position and may begin to wobble.

Clear Aligners treatment is a painless process of wearing a series of clear, removable “braces” that help align your teeth straight from the roots of the jaw. These are made up of plastic which is extremely soft to feel for the gums and is very flexible.

Clear Aligners at Kanata Dental are FDA-approved and contain no sort of containing no BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten in its material.

Why use Clear Aligners for teeth?

Painless Treatment for your Teeth

It is very rare to hear “NO PAIN” when it comes to dental care. However, aligners consist of no wires, metal brackets or wax that could irritate your mouth. Aligners require very less maintenance and NO emergency visits to the dentist. Aligners work constantly by gently moving your teeth to its assigned position according to your jaw. Typically, the feeling is described to be “pressuring” but that is completely normal, and it is this feeling that proves the aligners are working just right for you!

A constant Invisible Treatment

Clear Aligners requires no monitoring during treatment for your teeth as these can be worn anywhere, anytime. Movies, wedding ceremonies, parties, concerts, interview or dates – these clear aligners are virtually invisible, and people may not even notice. Find these invisible braces at Kanata Highlands Dental Care and you wouldn’t have to hide your precious smile!

Keep up with the Trending-stans!

Straight-up, flaunt your aligners! Aligners have been as trending as Kardashian make-up and clothing style. As the aligners are invisible and go undetected, they are socially savvy and are opted by great celebrities too. Models, musicians, actors, popstars have openly expressed their love for aligners for not only their social comfort but also for the results.

Maintenance, you ask?

To be honest, aligners have the least maintenance you can ask for. You need not to worry about the duration to keep them on for. Dentists recommend wearing the aligners for as long as 22 hours. This means, no need to worry if you sleep with your aligners on. Additionally, you need no to brush your aligners after eating as no food sticks on them, the way tiny food particles get stuck in between your teeth which could be really embarrassing. For more information on aligners, contact us at (613) 270-1001 or book an appointment today!

Does Not Harm You or the Environment.

At Kanata Highlands Dental Care, we have contributed our highest to develop aligners that feel good not just to you, but the environment too. Aligners are BPA free (Bisphenol-A) which are compounds that have been linked to being a cause of cancer and other health issues.

Looking for the best clear teeth aligners in Kanata? Reach us out for more information at Kanata Highlands Dental Care and Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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