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The wide range of dental health treatments offered at Kanata Highlands Dental Care are key in maintaining your optimal oral health.

From general restorations like fillings and crowns, to cosmetic procedures such as veneers and teeth whitening, the caring staff at Kanata Highlands Dental Care can provide you with the solution you're searching for in Kanata.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional dental care for your whole family in a setting that goes far beyond your typical dental office. Created with the comfort of our patients in mind. We are the BIG experts on LITTLE teeth. We are devoted to children’s dental care. Our doctors have the skills and experience to provide dental care to children of all ages.

We know how important it is for you to have a dental care provider you can trust. The dedicated team of Kanata Highlands Dental Care focuses on meeting your family's needs in a caring manner. Beginning with an oral hygiene appointment, let Dr. Maneet Ahlawat take a look at your teeth and gums, and provide you with a comprehensive assessment. Then, with our range of innovative dental services, we will treat you with preventative techniques, ensuring your ongoing oral health.

Contact Kanata Highlands Dental Care today to find out how we can help you enjoy your best oral health.

Cost of Dental Implants in Kanata

Looking for tooth implants cost ? The cost of dental implants in Kanata at Kanata highlands dental starts from $285/mm which is very affordable price. Call (613) 270-1001 now !!


Cosmetic Dentistry

Kanata Highlands Dental offers Cosmetic Dentistry that can get you your most dazzling smile, including veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, dentures, dental implants, fillings, root canal.



Finding Dental Bonding or Tooth Bonding services in Katana at Ottawa. Get best Tooth Bonding Treatment only at Kanata Highlands Dental at Kanata, Ottawa.


Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges fit over injured or cracked teeth or fill space resulted after dental extractions and protect the teeth from further injuries.


Dental Braces

Our Kanata dental clinic offers dental braces to straighten teeth and improve a person's bite and overall dental health. Dental braces are wire-based appliances that orthodontists use to correct crowded and misaligned teeth or jaws.



Offering Complete Dentures & Partial Dentures in Kanata. We encourage you to book a denture consultation with our dentist if you are missing any teeth.


Emergency Services

Are you having a dental emergency? Kanata Highlands Dental is the leading emergency dental clinic in Kanata. Call us to find out more information.



If a tooth is severely broken or damaged by decay, and may not be fixed with a filling or crown, we may recommend that the tooth be removed. Our dentist can safely do tooth extractions here in Kanata Highlands Dental



A dental restoration or dental filling is a treatment to restore the function, integrity, and morphology of missing tooth structure resulting from caries or external trauma as well as to the replacement of such structure supported by dental implants.



Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth in Kanata. At Kanata Highlands Dental, we may recommend a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. A dental implant will feel and function like a natural tooth and help prevent further shifting of your exist


Clear Aligners

A clear aligner is an orthodontic device that uses transparent, incremental aligners to adjust teeth as an alternative to traditional wire braces.


Oral Surgery

Oral surgery involves, but is not limited to: wisdom teeth removal, apicoectomy, TMJ disorder, facial trauma, corrective jaw surgery, anesthesia and bone grafts.


Periodontal Therapy

Looking for periodontal therapy center in Kanata ? We are a leading dental care center providing periodontal therapy at affordable prices.


Root Canal Treatment

Looking for root canal treatment in Kanata ? We are leading dental care center in Kanata provdiing root canal treatement at affordable prices.


Teeth Whitening

Looking for teeth whitening treatment in Kanata & near by areas ? We are a leading dental care center providing teeth whitening services at affordable prices.


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